Top 5 Rules

Top 5 Rules you should know

  1. Mat Placement : The first to play places the mat on the centre line at least 2 metres from the ditch and up to the hog line if desired.
  2. Foot Faulting : Before delivery a player must have one foot fully on the mat and at delivery all or part of one foot on or above the mat.
  3. Jack / Bowl Length: A jack must travel 21 metres to be legal while a bowl must travel 14 metres to be in play.
  4. Jack Delivery: If the jack is improperly delivered the opposition may reposition the mat and deliver the jack but not play first. If the jack is delivered improperly by both leads the jack is placed at the 2 metre mark and the first to play  may reposition the mat.
  5. Position on Rink: Players at the mat end who are not delivering a bowl should stand at least 1 metre behind the mat. Players at the head end who are not controlling play should stand behind the jack.

Official Rules

Grab yourself a tea or coffee, because it’s 63 pages long.

Top 5 Etiquette Tips

Top 5 Etiquette Tips you should follow

  1. Bowlers should shake hands with all of the other players in the game before and after the game.
  2. Compliment your opponent on a good shot.
  3. Admit a fluke with grace.
  4. Stand still when a player is on the mat.
  5. Do not talk or make noise when a player is about to deliver a bowl.

The game of bowls, whether competitive or social, is played in an atmosphere of fellowship and sociability. This atmosphere is maintained by a traditional code of behavior, with its roots in common courtesy. Not only should the courtesy extend between opponents, but also should be extended to teammates, club officials, club members and spectators. Show up on time for the draw, help set up equipment before, and return equipment after the game.  

  • Bowlers should shake hands with all of the other players in the game before and after the game.  
  • Compliment your opponent on a good shot. 
  • Admit a fluke with grace. 
  • Stand still when a player is on the mat. 
  • Do not talk or make noise when a player is about to deliver a bowl .
  • Remain behind the mat or behind the head when it is not your turn to play. Always remember that as soon as your bowl has come to rest possession of the rink passes to your opponent. 
  • Stay out of the head unless you are a skip or a vice (second). Players at the head should stand at a minimum distance of two meters behind the jack, and between the center and side marker so the bowler can see them to aim.    
  • No head should be raked (broken-up) until both vices have agreed to the number of shots conceded. Vice skips must agree on points before signaling the skips. If there is a doubt, measure. 
  • Players at the head end should be ready to stop deflected bowls from crossing into the adjacent rink and interfering with neighboring games; likewise, be alert to prevent bowls from adjacent rinks entering your own head. 
  • Bowlers not raking the bowls after an end should assist by kicking the bowls into an approximate line, thus making raking easier and faster.                                                                 
  • Keep to your own rink. Walk down the centre of the rink when you are changing end.
  • On sunny days beware of your shadow. Do not let it mask the jack or fall in front of the mat when a player is about to bowl. 
  • Try to avoid obscuring rink markers or boundary pegs. 
  • Never criticize your opponent, the greens, or your own team members. If you can’t say something positive don’t say anything. 
  • Pay attention to the game. Save your socializing until after the game. 
  • Stand well back from the head when drive shots are being played and warn others on adjacent rinks of the fact. 
  • Learn the Laws of Bowls and abide by them. 
  • Be a gracious winner and a good loser.

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